About Us

Best of Scandinavia was founded in 2014 by the Dane Jens Nielsen with the purpose to bring Scandinavian architecture and design to the British marked and combine our ideas with the best of the bristish style, architecture and design.


We represent a large number of Scandinavian manufactures on the British marked that all are charachterized by having the best quality found in Scandinavia and being innovative in there way of thinking.


Scandinavia doesn’t have the easiest of climates to live in. We are talking near-24 hours of light for several months of the year; near-24 hours of dark for several months; plus the temperatures, snow, and sun that accompanies these extremes. To counter these harsh conditions, Scandinavian architects make a concerted effort to design houses that make living a little easier. They recognise the importance of light, nature and comfort, and design houses to be functional and modern, yet traditional and rustic.


So, if you are looking to bring a little Scandinavian style to the architecture of your project, here are some design characteristics that you should consider and we can help you with.


Simplicity in design


The subtle beauty of Scandinavian architecture and design is in its simplicity. There is nothing superfluous, unnecessary or useless. It is a simple composition with clean lines, basic shapes and solid colours.


Natural materials


Timber and other natural materials are used to visually and physically warm interiors, functioning as natural insulators. Timber floors, panelled walls and stairs create warm spaces and a welcoming ambience.


Functional and comfortable


As much as the Scandis embrace the outdoors no matter what time of the year, there is much to be said for embracing the indoors too. So, like the exteriors of Scandinavian houses, the interiors are also characterised by simplicity – designed for functional and comfortable living.



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