Engineered Flooring

Engineered Flooring

Enginneered quality planks made to last.

Our Engineered floors are plank flooring of the highest quality - made in a careful value-chain from the selection of forest areas and individual trees to processing and production of each plank.


We work exclusively with selected wood from Scandinavia and northern Europe, which means minimal transport and carbon footprint.

Our supplier emphasizes the craftsmanship and have their own sawmill and production, combining tradition and experience with modern knowledge and technology. The result is beautiful and strong floors that are intended for use every day.


Our engineered planks, regardless of thickness and width, constructed in three layers - a clear improvement of the traditional massive wood floor. The 3-layer planks are the middle layer wood turned across. It reduces the wood's natural movement by up to 70%, as the planks are more stable and dimensionally stable.


Only the best trees are selected for the top layer, that is 4-12 mm thick, so that it can withstand many sandings if necessary.


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