Solid Planks

If you choose a solid plank from Best of Scandinavia, you get a floor for life. A floor that keeps its beauty, contributes to a healthy indoor climate, suitable for underfloor heating, is highly competitive in price and add your property value.


It is therefore important that you carefully consider the type of wood that best suit your property, your tastes and family or business needs for years to come: the Danish Oak, Ash or Douglas selected personally by our suppliers from the best Danish forests or Pitch Pine or Pine selected from US and Siberia.


In most cases, you must also choose between two wood qualities: natural or select. Nature Planks are more alive to look at, with scattered knots and color games, while select is with few or no knots, a more uniform look and a smoother texture. Furthermore, there is the question of the right coating, as you stand for, when the raw planks are laid. Do you enjoy the oil treatment, lye, paint or soap treatment? We can always advice you for the right choice.


Solid Planks - that is pure nature

When choosing solid planks for your floor it is a choice made to last for decades

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