Garden Design Products

Garden Design Products


Great products from Haddeland Design


We help you to create a minimalist garden scene. We light to create a sensation of space, dynamic angles in the pavement and let straight lines dancing along with organic shapes. And when darkness falls, we turn up for an exclusive look with fireplaces and thoughtful lighting


These products are supplied by Best of Scandinavia only.

Lounge furniture for outdoor use


5 advantages of our lounge furniture:


  • You get a unique outdoor furniture with an eye catcher - the furniture seems to float above the ground.


  • The modules are flexible and we can build everything from a simple bench for the complete lounge environment.


  • Our Lounge furniture of made of a material that can remain outdoors all year round.


  • You can turn up for an exclusive look at integrating a fireplace or lighting in furniture.


  • Our wide range of tables in the same material or nautical wood can be customized furniture.

A new website will be launched in January.

Olymp Fireplace


Makes the evenings great


This unique fireplace made in Denmark emphasize the Danish "Hygge" and is a decorate element in every garden or at hotels or restaurants that embrace all guests.


The flame is wind tolerant and the fireplace can be remote controlled from your mobile phone. We can supply the fireplace in different metals.

Haddeland Water Stone


All the senses must come into play when you want to achieve the optimal garden experience.


Therefore, we have collaborated with Haddeland Design and developed a series of water stones in light granite.


Haddeland Water Stone is a major supplier of meditating sounds that create a soothing atmosphere, while the visual front contributes a sharp, minimalist expression.