Garden Products

Garden Products


Outdoor life the Scandinavian way


Outdoor life is extremely important in Scandinavia where there are only few months with decent weather. Maybe that is why we enjoy it double when it is Midsummer in Scandinavia and we can enjoy outside time most of the day.


In Scandinavia terraces are the most important place in the garden. We gather friends and family to join us for dinner and to enjoy the good company. This tradition gives life a boost and we would love to bring some of our Nordic traditions into your life - and to make your garden and terrace a stunning place to spend time.


We have gathered some of the most common and interesting products for you. These products are supplied by Best of Scandinavia only.

Danish made outdoor fireplace makes the evenings longer.


Made in hardwood and underneath there are wheels so the fireplace can be placed wherever you like on your terrace.


Diameter 120cm

Hight 80cm

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Our decking planks are at the high end of the scale. On the other hand, you also guaranteed a terrace solution that with good and loving care will last for decades.


Choosing Siberian larch boards, you can be confident that the wood keeps your time off. The Siberian larch is extremely oily and therefore as weatherproof as the tropical woods, which we also can supply - unless you prefer the more sustainable alternative in the form of fumed ask the same dark glow.


American Douglas is almost as durable choice as the Siberian larch as a high content of resin, turpentine and tannins ensures the wood against rot and fungus and if you want genuine Danish oak timber - perhaps as a beautiful extension of your indoor flooring - then we are also able to supply decking of up to 25 centimeters wide.


Haddeland Design has created a range of truly stunning product for gardens, hptels, restaurants and cafeĀ“s .


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