The Dewdrop


The Dewdrop is designed by Danish designer Nikolaj Toft and handmade in Denmark. The lens is in solid crystal and focus the light so no one is being dazzled by the light.


The top is made in solid brass and can either stand alone or be plated with copper, silver or gold.


Dewdrops are available in the following models:


  • Brushed Brass
  • Black Brass
  • Copper
  • Silver
  • Gold


In Denmark we have a tradition for architect-designers achieve excellence by working very closely with the best craftsmen and manufacturers through many iterations towards a common goal of excellence.


Careful selection of the best materials and components ensure that everything will be functioning for many years to come without incident. In the event that something breaks or wears out all our products are fully serviceable and all components can be individually repaired or replaced. 



A new website will be launched in January.

Tecnical information


  • Diameter: 6 cm
  • Effekt: 7W
  • Beam angle: 40°
  • Wire: 3 meter black wire in fabric come with the lamp. Other colours and longer wire are available on request
  • Lens: Solid Crystal
  • Top materiale: Solid brass. Plated in models copper, silver and gold.
  • Colour temperature: Warm white(2700K)
  • Light Source: 96 ultra-high quality LED
  • Life expectancy: +50.000 hours
  • Lenghts 140 mm
  • Diameter 60mm
  • The light source can be replaced by NiiKoh Aps


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